We would like to acknowledge the contribution made to advancing the Australian date industry by the Federal Government’s Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.  We sincerely thank them for their financial assistance to Gurra Downs Date Company Pty Ltd through the New Industries Development Program and the
In-Market Scholarship program.

These funding programs have allowed us to accelerate the rate of expansion in the successful multiplication and distribution of desirable tissue cultured date palm planting stock and helped us identify marketing opportunities for Australian grown premium table dates.      

Gurra Downs Date Company received Commonwealth funding in 2012/13 through the Caring For Our Country funding program. This has enabled us to expand the R&D field trial site where we planted several new varieties. GDDC is now trialling 23 female varieties and 2 male varieties. This funding has also enabled us to produce a Growers Manual for Australian date growers which will soon be available.  

GDDC would also like to thank the following:

            •  Landcare Australia and Woolworths for their support over the years. In 2008 they were generous with a Sustainable Farming Grant and in 2009 a "Backing our Farmers" Grant.
            • Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation (RIRDC) - ongoing support.    
            • Nuffield Australia/Woolworths awarded Dave a Nuffield Farming Scholarship in 2012 which enabled travel to specific date growing regions to study date production for 4 &1/2 months.                  
            • We would also like to acknowledge the role played by our State Government.  The Government of South Australia through its “Market Access Program” (MAP) assisted our company in exporting yellow dates (Barhee, khalaal) for demonstration purposes to the Third International Date Palm Conference in Abu Dhabi February 2006 and the Dubai GulFood Expo February 2006.           

 The report/feedback from this exercise has made us realize the significance and market advantage of producing counter-seasonal date fruit.  Many thanks, to staff from the Department of Trade and Economics - Dubai office, for a job ‘well done’.   

 Thanks also to the staff from the Riverland Development Corporation for their ongoing support including financial assistance for the creation of this website.   

 Special thanks, to the following people who have overwhelmed us with their generosity and have been there to lend a hand or lend machinery to keep the project on track and moving forward.  Thanks guys, we owe you heaps.  

 Dave & Marilyn Rosenzweig who transported their bobcat to Gurra Downs from Tanunda in the Barossa Valley so we could dig planting holes to establish our date palm plantation.        



    Neighbour John Schwarz very kindly assisted in removing the subsoil heaps from the plantation site.  He lent his truck and front-end loader, and gave willingly of his time until the last of the heaps were removed. Thanks John, greatly appreciated.  

    A very big ‘thankyou’,to friends and neighbours, John and Toni Schwarz for their ongoing support and contribution to Gurra wetlands environmental projects.  John and Toni have been responsible for a very successful introduction and breeding program of native animal species (Brushtail bettongs, Rufous bettongs, Potaroos, Plains mice).    

    The Schwarz’s have constructed a sanctuary fence alongside a paddock which adjoins Gurra Downs. This extends the natural water frontage habitat to 1.2 km encompassing native scrub and bushland ideal for native animals. The Schwarz’s have also fenced additional land to exclude foxes and encourage a safe habitat for turtles to lay their eggs on the river banks.  

    Thanks to the Loxton to Bookpurnong Local Action Planning organization for contributing funds toward materials for the construction of our feral proof fence.  Our native animal breeding program and sanctuary are returning very successful results since its inception in 2001. Thanks also for commissioning the survey study at the Lyrup Forest Reserve.  

     On behalf of Gurra Wet Pty Ltd thanks to the Natural Heritage Trust and South Australian Murray River Catchment Water Management Board for joint funding the “High Salinity Groundwater Investigations – Gurra Gurra Wetland Complex” (REM December 2002).     

    To Greening Australia -thankyou for assisting us to design a native revegetation plan, for growing the seedlings and overseeing the planting out. Thanks also to the GreenCorp organization for their assistance in planting out these seedlings.  



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